SubCity Life Pool App

$34.99 / month and a $99.00 sign-up fee

App for pool maintenance and repair. With this version you have the ability to create your employees schedules on our back end management system, create users with their own unique user and password combination to access their apps, track their work, send out repair requests, invoices and proposals. On the app side, the employee signs in and is able to see that days route/schedule. They can click on any address to get driving directions, then when they are at the home or community, can take before and after photos of their work, pull from a drop down list how many chlorine tablets they used, what the levels are on the pool and make notes. They also have the ability to send in a repair request should they notice something broken on property.

Track employees, schedule their days, create invoices, work orders, print reports and more right from your smartphone and/or computer.


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