SubCity Life White Label App


Do you love using the SubCity Life App? Do you wish it was your own for your own company? Well it can be. With our White Label option we take all of the basic elements of our app but customize it to fit your specific business and brand it for your business. Your logo, your branding colors, your app essentially. You will only be licensing it from us but other than that, the app is all yours for your company to do with what you like. When you choose this option you also get our personalized training on how to set up the app for new employees, new managers, how to use the app and back end employee management and invoice system. This is one on one private training either over the phone while utilizing screen share, in person or video chat. Whichever is most comfortable for you.

Track employees, schedule their days, create invoices, work orders, print reports and more right from your smartphone and/or computer.


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