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Our story begins in the city of
Las Vegas, our home.

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Our story begins in the city of Las Vegas, our home.

Brad Braswell had grown up here in Las Vegas and the idea of working for someone else for a steady paycheck was always something that just didn’t seem appealing to him. He wanted to be the one writing the checks for his own employees and start his own business, which he did. Again and again. In the past decade Brad has started, maintained and sold 8 different businesses and is currently owner/operator of Waterproof Pools and a Landscaping division of that company. If there is one person who knows how to start and make a business profitable AND knows the headaches that come along with running a small business and making it successful.

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Business Owners

We are business owners. That is why we decided to create this app. We have the same frustrations, troubles and issues as everyone else and we wanted an easy way to manage our employees and better serve our customers.

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Creative Minds

Being Small Business Owners we get the inside perspective of what would really make a difference and combined with a team of creative professionals, came up with the best, easy to use system that is out there today.

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Research & Development

Many years before launching these apps we researched what is currently available, creating different versions, refining and perfecting so we can provide you with the best possible user experience.

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Our Vision Is Your Success

With our apps, it makes doing business easier for your company, staff and most of all, your customers and their satisfaction. There is no longer a need to have to knock on their door and go over everything with them, especially nowadays with the virus around still, people would rather have no physical contact and that is what we can provide. A truly digital, clean, seamless, streamlined experience.

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